Technology Companies for Sale

Technology Companies for Sale

Andon Frères specialise in the sale and acquisition of technology companies, a catalyst in the transaction process, bringing together buyers and sellers.

The following is a list of technology companies for sale. This includes companies identified through our regular searching of the marketplace, though our links with accountants, business brokers and corporate finance advisers, and companies where Andon Frères has a sale mandate from the vendors.

Unless Andon Frères has a sale mandate from the vendors (which is indicated against the opportunity) we look to be retained by the purchaser.

If any of these opportunities are of interest, please contact us for further information.

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Please note that the listings featured on our Companies For Sale pages contain preliminary particulars only, intended solely as notification that these businesses are available for sale. The information has been provided by the vendors and/or their advisers; Andon Frères has not verified this information in any way and can give no assurances or warranties regarding its accuracy or completeness. Any person or company considering acquiring a business listed on this website must not rely on this information; they should make their own independent investigations, take professional advice and form their own opinions as to its performance and prospects.

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4097 - Specialists in Anti-Corrosion Systems

Reference: 4097

Location: England

Turnover: £2.2m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £829k

Specialist in the survey, design, materials supply and installation, commissioning and consultancy of anti-corrosion systems known as cathodic protection. The service embraces all buried or immersed structures of metallic origin with particular focus on the preservation of buried pipelines that carry hazardous substances. Over the past 3 years, engineering projects from within the Home region have escalated with this work and now expanding further into neighbouring regions. Highly regarded for the services it provides which is evident by the repeat orders received and the excellent customer loyalty with c90% retention rate. Has enjoyed 5 year renewable contract with a major utility which has recently been further extended. The companys forward order book is in excess of £600k. Highly experienced and Achilles registered & verified workforce. On the National Grid Gas Framework and the Northern Gas database.  

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4096 - Supply and Service Photocopiers and Printers

Reference: 4096

Location: UK

Turnover: £2.2m

Profit: EBITDA £568k

Specialises in the supply and maintenance of photocopiers and printers on a regional and national level. The company is growing rapidly and i already established as one of the UK's largest independent suppliers within its sectors. 40% of revenue is reliable and recurring; derived from service contracts with over 400 active clients with high retention. There is a strong management team in place and the key team members would consider being retained post sale. Operates from multiple leasehold locations. Following year projected turnover of c£3m with an EBITDA of £910k.

- +

4095 - Business Support Software for Membership Organisations

Reference: 4095

Location: Midlands

Turnover: £547k

Profit: Net Profit £140k

The company is an established, recognised and trusted brand in a niche sector, with a strong market share and profitable business model. The company has developed a comprehensive suite of essential software solutions to help organisations manage their membership base. It fully owns the IPR and provides ongoing support that generates over half of its annual income. As a niche supplier within its sector, the company has built a significant track record, a high profile client base, and a strong reputation. The companys high profile clients give the business a regular income and strong "working examples" of its products: with supporting client testimonials. 57% recurring income from contracted support and licenses, plus annual new business growth.

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4094 - Niche Software Solutions & Technology

Reference: 4094

Location: South England

Turnover: £1.7m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£350k

The company is a reputable developer and supplier of specialist software solutions, working with prominent public and private sector clients, including policing and security organisations. Provides extensively developed software solutions for use in the policing and security sectors including mobile and bespoke applications, with patent and trademark held for key software which utilised by thousands of user across the UK and retains considerable scope for further growth. Having been awarded a multitude of high value contracts, the company has secured a reliable stream of revenue and established strong relationships with is clients. Between 50%-70% of turnover year-on-year is generated from recurring support and maintenance contracts. Strong, long-standing relationships in place, with major national clients, several of which span over 10 years. Experienced management team in place, possessing the necessary skills and expertise required to effectively manage ad grow the business on an ongoing basis. The directors are willing to remain with the company in suitable positions post-sale in order to ensure the further growth of the company. Operates from leasehold premises in the South of England. Projected YE18 turnover of c£2m.

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4093 - Dental Laboratory Providing Specialised Technical Products

Reference: 4093

Location: North England

Turnover: c£1.5m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£492k

The company is a dental laboratory that provides specialised technical laboratory products and services to specialist dental professionals. Utilising an experienced workforce, the company combines digital technology, including 3D printing, with traditional specialised dental services, which have facilitated its continued growth. Long-standing national client base in the healthcare sector, providing specialised dental appliances and predominantly servicing clients with NHS contracts. 120 active clients with high retention rates and several relationships spanning over 15 years. Exclusive and unique supply agreements in place with prominent businesses within the sector. High level of in-house expertise, with strong and highly experienced second-tier management in place possessing the necessary skills to manage the business on a day-to-day basis, as well as all of the current directors are willing to remain in operational roles post-sale.

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4092 - Disability Support, Technology and Training Provider

Reference: 4092

Location: North UK

Turnover: £2.2m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £330k

The company offers specialist support within employment and education environments for people with learning difficulties or disabilities. Gain over 1,000 new clients per year, including students, employees/employers, apprentices and private clients. Operates from office and training facilities, with a view to expand in to retail in the coming c.12 months. There are a number of opportunities in the pipeline including patent product development, works within schools and political institutions. Preferred supplier and partner with national training providers and organisations.

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4091 - Software Solutions for Traffic & Public Transport Management

Reference: 4091

Location: UK

Turnover: £2.1m

Profit: Undisclosed

UK business providing deeply integrated traffic and transport solutions through a range of modular software. The company has a track record of successfully developing and deploying new products into the market and has over 40 long term customer relationships with highways authorities and transport operators in the UK. Leading edge and proven technologies for cloud based SaaS systems, with strong software IP readily available to be utilised. Successful in identifying new market niches and developing rapid disruptive solutions to establish market position. The company has a strong and experienced management team willing to continue with the business post completion. Low overhead, variable cost structures and a forecast turnover of c£2.7m.

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4090 - Software Provider to CCGs & GPs

Reference: 4090

Location: South East

Turnover: c£2.1m

Profit: EBIT c£1.2m

The business is an accredited supplier of analytical healthcare software to CCGs and GPs with the products additionally being sold to the NHS, national organisations and universities. This well-established company has a strong market foothold and a loyal customer base with no history of IP infringements or disputes. Its highly experienced technical development team are well placed to assist in the expansion of existing software and new product development. There are significant opportunities to monetise the underlying clinical data gathered through normal operations but the shareholders do not feel that they are the right people to drive the business to the next level to take advantages of the prospects in the market making this a fantastic opportunity to gain a foothold in the healthcare sector and further grow the business.

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4089 - IT Equipment Recycling Business

Reference: 4089

Location: UK

Turnover: c£800k

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£280k

The business specialises in the recycling and secure disposal of IT equipment, which it collects from its large client base The client base comprises numerous public and private sector organisations including schools, hospitals, large corporates with whom the company enjoys significant repeat business. The company enjoys a strong reputation in the industry , due to its secure data destruction methods and responsible disposal policies. It processes the collected equipment and then identifies the most profitable route for disposal, either onward sale or refurbished equipment, sale of separate components for re-sale or sale of material for recycling. This allows maximum potential profits to be realised from the equipment by this company. Full WEEE certification held and the business is highly systemised with an experienced workforce and a strong senior management team. Projected turnover of c£1m in the current year with an adjusted EBITDA of c£400k.

- +

4088 - Trade Accreditation & Certification Body

Reference: 4088

Location: UK

Turnover: c£12m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£1.9m

One of the leading, independent, international suppliers of industry standards across the globe. Gained significant recognition an accreditations over the last 20+ years. Client database holds 7,000+ customers, with this continuing to grow. None of these customers account for more than 2% of the companys income. Expected to achieve 15% rise on turnover per annum over the next 2-3 years. Mostly operated through strong and knowledgeable second-tier management and has been awarded by the European Foundation for Quality Management in recent years. Projected income for following year to achieve £13.1m, with an adjusted EBITDA of £2.11m.

- +

4086 - Supplier of Advanced Design & Styling Solutions

Reference: 4086

Location: UK

Turnover: £3.1m

Profit: Undisclosed

A leading UK supplier of advanced design and styling solutions, an independent high growth and highly profitable company with international clients is looking at a next major step forward. Using the latest process thinking the company produces and sells equipment for facilitating the styling, design  and measurement of products for the automotive, nuclear and other industries. The company is a fully self-contained unit and has a growing reputation as the world leading supplier of its computer based systems to assist in maximising product design. It has gained international recognition for know-how, customer business profile and its developmental connections. A good indication of the company capabilities is that it has been awarded a government grant towards the development of a GPS-based control system for machine tools. A project that is led by the company and run in co-operation with a major university. With a first class management team in place it is at the point in its development that will be of special interest to high growth companies with its latest state of the art innovative processes.

- +

4085 - Creative Strategy Agency

Reference: 4085

Location: UK

Turnover: £2.4m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £650k

Independent, creative strategy agency, specialising in the delivery of innovative internal communications. Established over 20 years with long-standing multi-national client base. Works with major blue-chip organisations, with clients including HSBC, Cisco, Sony and Standard Bank. 50% of turnover generated from contracted clients. Creative, experienced and loyal management team in place, possessing the necessary skills required to mange and grow the business. Operates from leasehold in London, with considerable scope for further growth. Projected turnover of £2.7m with an adjustment EBITDA of c£615k.

- +

4084 - Manufacturer of Touch Sensors

Reference: 4084

Location: UK

Turnover: £2.5m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £515k

Establised over 15 years, the company is a globally recognised leader in the field of large-format touch sensor technology for both multiple and single users. The company supplies it patented products under trademarked brand names to clients from sectors such as retail, transportation, gaming, marketing/PR, digital signage and ticketing. Diverse selection of international and domestic clients, with exports contributing to approximately 30% of turnover. Well established client relationships, based on an account management system. Holder of many accreditations, certifications and approvals, including REACH, RoHs, FCC, UL and CE. Robust second-tier management team capable of assuming the directors' responsibilities post-sale. Operates from a 14,000ft leasehold premises with in-house production facilities capable of operating on a 2 shift system. Holds various brand trademarks and is licenced to use a range of patented products.

- +

4083 - Bespoke Spelling Correction Software Business

Reference: 4083

Location: UK

Turnover: c£715K

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£580k

The company's software has been recognised as a leader within the market which has been demonstrated through a number of prestigious awards the company has earned over the years. The company is on the government's approved supplier list and its software has been used by a number of blue chip corporates. The software use proprietary linguistic algorithms, and collects data about spelling errors from users, which is particularly beneficial for users with dyslexia. Research has shown the software to improve both efficiency and quality of work. The opportunity may be of interest to companies involved in linguistic software, assistive software, productivity software or other complementary software that is marketed to corporate, public sectors or individuals. Turnover for FY18 is forecast c£760k with an adjusted EBITDA of c£615k.

- +

4082 - B2B Online Retailer of New & Used Parts for Apple Computers & Devices

Reference: 4082

Location: UK

Turnover: c£700k

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£174k

B2B online retailer and reseller of new & used parts for Apple computers & devices, in addition to providing a flexible and comprehensive in-house repairs and upgrade service to a client base located UK-wide and internationally. Online retail store offers 11k+ product lines and 90k+ parts selling in three currencies and two languages. Sales split by service - used parts (50%), new parts (29%), refurbished computers (17%), tools & accessories (2%) and repairs (2%). 841 active clients in the last 12 months, with the top 10 accounting for c17% of sales - no reliance on any one customer. Preferred supplier status with many clients due to being a specialised equipment supplier. Business operates from 5,500ft² open plan studio work-space and product storage (leasehold, owned by a third party). IP rights owned on unique coded software embedded the company's website is able to locate specifiic parts for customers by serial number.

- +

4081 - Web & App Developer Delivering Bespoke Hardware & Hosting Infrastructure

Reference: 4081

Location: South West

Turnover: £1.6m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £293k

A well-established service base company offering web & application development complimented by a privately owned hosting infrastructure. The company also develops, produces and delivers high end bespoke servers & forensic computer hardware. Operating across a wide range of sectors including government, corporate and education. Key revenue streams split across hosting, web & app development, supported by specialist hardware sales namely high gross margin forensic PCs. 3 year contractual service level web hosting agreements with a number of major clients, valued at c£280k per annum. Purpose build managed infrastructure centre, with 99.999% up-time, located near an internet Point-of-Presence (PoP), allowing access to one of the UK's biggest internet providers. Loyal client base, high level of repeat custom, with a portfolio of blue chip clients including G4S & Ultra Electronics as well as the NHS, MOD, GCHQ, Metropolitan Police & other Educational/government departments. Holds valuable intellectual property in the form of the company's proprietary CMS & ecommerce platform.

- +

4080 - Cloud-based Programme Management

Reference: 4080

Location: UK

Turnover: £562k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £247k

The company is a specialist software development company with a strong presence in the UK healthcare sector, providing a cloud-based work collaboration and programme management system. Having established a strong client base across the public and private sectors, the company benefits from a continuous stream of contracted recurring revenue and winning numerous high value tenders. The company provides fully customisable project and programme management solutions, featuring real-time reporting, analysis and enhanced collaboration capability, including instant messaging and file sharing. This is a fully relocatable opportunity, as all employees operate remotely. Experienced and knowledgeable management team in place, with directors willing to remain with the business post-sale to oversee the continual growth of the business and development of its services. On course to achieve turnover of c£1m in YE17 with an EBITDA of c£500k.  

- +

4079 - Corporate Web-Based Short Message Services (SMS)

Reference: 4079

Location: UK

Turnover: £779k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £317k

Long-established company, operating for over 15 years, offers a comprehensive range of services, including bi-directional SMS texting facilities, inbound number rental and associated maintenance and support services. Long-established company, operating for over 15 years. Serves hundreds of customers across industries including prestigious, high-profile clients, including utility, travel, communications and media companies. Over 550 active clients with 90% providing regular repeat business. Serves a diverse array of sectors, including education, finance, government and healthcare. Fully relocatable opportunity due to the nature of the company's web-based services and it owns all its own technology IP. Projected YE17 turnover of £823k.

- +

4078 - Online Seller of Quality Consumer Electronic Spare Parts

Reference: 4078

Location: Northamptonshire

Turnover: £2.5m

Profit: c£650k

Established over 8 years the company is one of the leading online replacement parts specialist for devices and systems within the UK. Including the directors/shareholders the company employs 8 knowledgeable staff capable of managing the company on a day-to-day basis, as well as 2 full-time agency staff. Project turnover (YE17) of £4.1m. Operates from leasehold premises, which is renewable this year, making the business easily relocatable.

- +

4077 - Audio Visual Reseller

Reference: 4077

Location: South East

Turnover: Forecast c£2m

Profit: Forecast Adj EBITDA c£250k

Industry leading provider of interactive & collaborative technologies. Key solutions include interactive screens, video conferencing, LED screens, projectors & bespoke solution design to clients operating in the construction, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, software, training & education sectors. Main differentiator between the company and its competitors is its ability to understand clients' requirements, & apply technology to solve problems within an agreed budget. Works in partnership with its clients to provide tailored solutions through pre-sale consultancy & ongoing support. Majority of clients operating in the education sector are state funded schools ensuring financial stability, also provides managed services to its client base as an additional revenue stream. Several clients have 12 month rolling support contracts with the company,, providing an excellent recurring revenue stream. Approved supplier to a large military customer, as well as over 30 corporate clients. Gold accredited SMART Technologies reseller & accredited to sell several other technologies including NEC, BenQ and OneLan.

- +

4076 - Digital Development and Transformation Specialist

Reference: 4076

Location: North East

Turnover: c£2m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£400k

The company is a well-established digital specialist, providing high-end design & build services and strategic digital transformation programmes to commercial clients. A proven track record of delivering highly effective solutions that have helped its clients out perform their competitors has secured the company's reputation as one of the leading UK digital agencies. The company works at the top end of the digital design & build sector, providing clients with highly tailored web, mobile, tablet and bespoke development services which deliver on their commercial objectives. One of the pioneers of the digital transformation approach and increasingly works with clients at a strategic level on ongoing programmes of work. Headquartered in the North of England with a satellite office in London, its clients are drawn from throughout the UK and include many blue-chip businesses. Excellent client retention and one of the highest rated digital agencies for customer service. Experienced and knowledgeable management team.

- +

4075 - Software Design and Developer

Reference: 4075

Location: North West

Turnover: c£500k

Profit: EBITDA c£300k

Established over 30 years, the company designs and builds software packages for companies operating in the software furnishings market, offering bespoke products along with its own highly regarded software. Its own software is regularly updated and rewritten when needed, and a mobile version has recently been developed. The software can also be tailored to the customers needs and requirements without any complications as the company caters to some of the most well-know and highly regarded companies in the industry. Technical support and training solutions are also provided so that customers can navigate their way around he systems. Strong second tier management team meaning minimal replacements needed, and the managing director is willing to stay on for a negotiable period.

- +

4074 - Multi-Disciplinary IT Systems & Support

Reference: 4074

Location: North West

Turnover: £4.9m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £617k

The company is a long-standing and respected provider of IT systems and support services for commercial and industrial clients. The company has earned an enviable reputation amongst larger SMEs and corporate enterprises, maintaining a strong national client base and benefitting from a high level of repeat and referral business. The company provides fully managed technical support, IT & security consultancy, software support and cloud services. National blue-chip client base with long-standing relationships in place and a 90% retention rate with 160 active clients from a diverse range of sectors. Experienced management team in place, possessing  the necessary skills and expertise required to manage and grow the business independently of the shareholders. Operates from a 4,800 sq ft freehold premises. Growth strategy in place with plans for further development of service offering and marketing campaigns being implemented. 

- +

4071 - Provider of Non-Destructive Testing Equipment & Maintenance Services

Reference: 4071

Location: UK

Turnover: £2.8m / Forecast £2.5m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £352k / Forecast Adj EBITDA £787k

The company, established over 15 years, provides non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment, specialising in x-ray technologies, complimented by inspection, maintenance and support services. Working with national blue-chip clients and prominent, industry-leading suppliers, the company has established itself as one of the largest businesses in the UK that concentrates on the supply and service of industrial x-rays. Over 180 active clients in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing sectors, 90% of whom provide reliable repeat business on an ongoing basis. Highly experienced and knowledgeable management team and workforce in place, capable of managing and growing the business independently. Operates from a 12,000 ft² premises with leasehold and freehold options available.

- +

4070 - Compliance & Data Protection Training & Conference Provider

Reference: 4070

Location: UK

Turnover: £2m

Profit: Gross Profit: £1.6m

The company, a leading specialist provider of training and conferences focusing on compliance and data protection, has seen annual growth since inception due to the growing importance and proliferation of information law, compliance and data protection in the business world and the requirement of companies to keep relevant, key members of staff informed about the legal requirements and provide them with the tools to implement the policies within the workplace. The business operates out of an office in the UK, which could be relocated, and serves an enviable client base of international, blue-chip companies, public entities and charities in the UK and Ireland. With strong recurring revenues already, the current focus on compliance and data protection regulation means that there are significant opportunities to increase sales through international expansion as well as adding additional services. 60% of recurring revenues from clients with ongoing training and education programmes. Strong management team responsible for the day-to-day running of the business.

- +

4069 - Quality Control Solutions & Applications

Reference: 4069

Location: North England

Turnover: £3.8m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £506k

Well-established company within the UK and Ireland's automation sector, providing software and computer controlled solutions. Following the introduction of a cloud-based model the company is expected to generate a turnover in excess of £7m by FY19. 350+ clients within the business, operating within sectors such as engineering, power, life sciences, utilities and OEMs. Long-standing partnership in place with major blue-chip business, specialising in industrial internet technologies. Ideal position to be remodelled as a cloud services provider, enabling the company to offer IIoT solutions and services with the business looking to achieve number one market provider status in IIoT by 2020.

- +

4068 - Supplier of Circuit Boards

Reference: 4068

Location: UK

Turnover: £450k

Profit: Reconstituted Profit before Tax £245k

Established and profitable supplier of circuit boards designed to interface real time machines to computers and networks. Own range of products with very long sales life (circa 10 years) and a new range of boards have recently been launched meaning that no new product development will be required in the short to medium term. Diverse and international customer base, with the industrial, medical, military, and aerospace sectors accounting for approximately 80% of orders. All production outsourced to a ISO9001 certified manufacturer. The company owns intellectual property used in one component of its own products that could have wider potential. UK based but easily relocatable to anywhere in the world.

- +

4067 - Cloud Based CPQ Software Business

Reference: 4067

Location: UK

Turnover: c.£550k

Profit: Not Disclosed

This cloud based CPQ software company was established over 15 years, operating a highly regarded "Enterprise Application", that provides its clients with a powerful CPQ(Configure, Price, Quote) software solution to help streamline clients' core sales, customer acquistion and marketing processes. The software is used for the production of quotes an associated documents, and is deployed by Sales Teams, Channel Partners and in an ecommerce environment. Recent investment in the system enables the cloud based product to work on all main CRM systems, on any device, and on any main browser. The software is built around a highly capable and flexible engine. It allows the business to specialise in both simple and extremely complicated configurations. The business has a wide range of UK and multinational clients across the service and manufacturing sectors. To accomodate its worldwide users the software is both multi-lingual and multi-currency.

- +

4066 - IT Reseller & Managed Services

Reference: 4066

Location: South East

Turnover: c.£14m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c.£2.2m

A significant and rapidly growing UK based provider of specialist data security IT hardware, software and project implementation & managed service to large corporate entities and major financial institutions. Based in the South East, the business has traded successfully since 2005 and benefits from long term contracts and robust client relationships with 100% client retention. Projected turnover c.£24m and projected Adj EBITDA c.£4m.

- +

4065 - RFID Tag Specialist

Reference: 4065

Location: North West

Turnover: £508k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £123k

The company has established a strong position within a unique, in-demand sub-sector of the RFID market, and maintains a developing  presence. Clients are primarily Main System Suppliers of RFID systems who require the company in order to bring their projects to completion. Provides a service not offered by the suppliers of RFID systems; thus leading to a reliable income stream and close, long-standing relationships with most leading RFID suppliers. A high level of repeat business with 90% of clients typically returning within the same year. Strong second-tier management team is able to successfully operate the business on a daily basis. Has been instrumental in the installation of approximately 30 million tags and has a strong pipeline of approximately £1.72m up to 2018.

- +

4064 - IT Consulting Engineers

Reference: 4064

Location: South East

Turnover: £5.3m

Profit: c.£2m

Well-established IT consulting engineers, primarily providing services to the construction industry covering the IT infrastructure requirements for new build and refurbishment of large scale schemes in education, plus other IT related services. Covering the whole of the UK with 8 regional consultants, they typically work alongside tier 1 contractors bringing specialist skills to ensure all IT needs and implications are taken into account from the initial stages and integrated into the overall design. IT needs covered range from physical infrastructure such as servers and systems, telephony & security, to SMART building design and e-learning requirements. Excellent profits - almost 40% - will be delivered on sales approaching £5.4m in 2017, and there is a strong pipeline of work into 2018 worth in excess of £8m, all with similar margins.

- +

4061 - Group of Specialist Print and Labelling Services and Nanotechnology

Reference: 4061

Location: North West

Turnover: £2.9m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £320k

The group consists of two companies. One offers high-resolution, ultraviolet, litho-printing of synthetic substrates to the packaging, FMCG and dairy industries. The second holds intellectual property related to low-ink-weight-deposition-printed electronics and electro-spun nano-fibres, with projects ongoing within contracted research organisations, pharmaceuticals and directly with end users. Both companies specialise in particularly niche sectors. The printing company’s focus is unique within the UK. Considerable scope for developing a variety of product ranges using the intellectual property from the nanotechnology company. Several key managers are prepared to remain with the group post-completion. Operating from 39,000ft² freehold premises to be included in the sale of the business.

- +

4060 - Security & Moniotring

Reference: 4060

Location: Yorkshire & the Humber

Turnover: £1.4m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £366k

The company is a highly respected “System Link” specialist providing a full project management service in both private and public sectors. The company, established in 2004, specialises in flexible IP camera solutions such as CCTV, Bio-metrics, security, surveillance and Specialist Video Capture. The company currently has 20 secured contracts with a total contract value of c£1.5m, and often secures repeat business with key customers and has a number of contracts under tender which present significant growth opportunities for the potential acquirer. The company has a nationwide reach, however most of its customer/contracts are in Yorkshire.

- +

4059 - Niche Training Provider for the Telecoms Sector

Reference: 4059

Location: South England

Turnover: £1.7m

Profit: Adj EBTIDA £840k

Niche market training company providing bespoke training for the telecoms provider market. Training provided covers the usage of a whole range of telecom equipment including operator training, telephone etiquette & train the trainer. Training is readily accessible through a nationwide network of specialist freelance training providers (80+), & includes courses & one-to-one training at clients’ premises through the UK. Partners with, and is recommended by, over 150 vendors, telecom operators, & resellers of telephony platforms & applications. Niche service provision with minimal competition and a client base that consists of high profile blue-chips from a wide range of industries including finance, major retail & aerospace. Lean, highly scalable UK operation with minimal overhead, enabling ease of relocation & scalability of operations.

- +

4058 - Sage Strategic Support Partner

Reference: 4058

Location: South East

Turnover: £515k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £90k

The company is a Sage Strategic Business Partner that specialises in the provision of Sage support, including services such as development , consultation, demonstrations, installation and training. The company is long established and has operated over 25 years serving an extensive array of sectors, with a particular focus on wholesale, distribution, and light manufacturing. 80 active clients, who provide a high rate of repeat business and the company is EQUE2 and Draycir partners. Managing Director willing to remain with the company to facilitate a post-sale handover period, if required. operates from leasehold office premises with expansion capability.

- +

4057 - IT Support & Managed Services

Reference: 4057

Location: South England

Turnover: £485k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £140k

Contracted IT support and managed services provider, located in the south of England and established over 20 years and owned by the shareholders since formation. Operates nationally with high client retention rates. Extensive service offering, with considerable scope for development of hosted services. Experienced staff in place to manage technical side of the business. Sizeable, easily accessible leasehold premises.

- +

4056 - Data Replication & Disaster Recovery Software & Services

Reference: 4056

Location: West Midlands

Turnover: £478k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £139k

System recovery software specialist, proving software that copies data from a live system to a backup system, when systems are fully functioning. Also provides disaster recovery products & data replication solutions for corporate client whose IT systems require continuous operation. As a specialist in sales, support, training & consultancy related to the supply of SIOS (Software for Innovative Open Solutions) products. The company works with a diverse range of corporate clients whose IT systems require continuous operations. Strong presence in niche IT sector as a provider of specialist technical solutions. Clients include end users, independent software vendors & re-sellers, such as Schneider Electric, Capita & Cloudreach. Sole distributor arrangement with software manufacturer for over 15 years covering UK, RoI & Middle East. High levels of repeat business, c70%. 

- +

4055 - IT Consulting, Solutions & Professional Services

Reference: 4055

Location: UK/India

Turnover: Projected £4.68m

Profit: Projected Adj EBITDA £477k

Established in 2007, the company is privately owned and the team consists of a strong and experienced team of business development managers, resourcing staff and a delivery manager. IT Consulting, solutions and professional services, with two offices in the UK and a back office in Mumbai. Services include application development, support, maintenance and testing in the digital, web, online and mobile arena. The company works with large blue-chip organisations to define and implement enterprise level digital, eCommerce and mobile strategies and solutions. Long standing client relationships in place. The company also has Master Services Agreements with some of the highest profiles Systems Integrators in the market and as such would provide an excellent gateway for any acquirer with a range of technology products and/or services that would be relevant to the client base of these integrators.

- +

4053 - Provider of Email Marketing Software and Consultancy Solutions

Reference: 4053

Location: UK

Turnover: £1.7m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £440k

Established for over 15 years and based in the UK, provides email marketing services, including software and consultancy, designed to maximise revenue generated from existing CRM systems and customer databases. 127 active clients from a wide range of industries nationwide, with 95% providing repeat business and the majority signed up to ongoing contracts. Well established second-tier management capable of overseeing daily business operations. Operates from a 2,400 ft² leasehold premises with potential for expansion. Operates to ISO27000 accreditation standards. The YE17 projected turnover is £2.3m.

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4052 - Cyber Security Software and Services Developer

Reference: 4052

Location: South East

Turnover: £1.2m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £326k

The technology provided by this business is in use throughout the world by: Governments; Global defence contractors; Financial institutions and security service providers. With an established business model, solid recurring revenue streams and considerable intellectual property, this company continues to invest in Research & Development to sustain its position at the forefront of the fast moving cyber security market. Following an extensive programme of investment and development, the company is now positioned to exploit ts astonishing growth potential in a connected world where the need for cyber security has never been greater.

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