Acquisition Search Services

“The key to a successful acquisition is the early identification of suitable targets”

Andon Frères continuously networks with accountants, solicitors, business brokers, business transfer agents, bankers and corporate finance professionals. Through these contacts, subscription to specialist publications and on-line directories, and continuous researching, we locate companies that are for sale, considering a sale, or “open to approaches and therefore well placed to provide acquisition search services for clients.”

We offer clients service levels to suit their individual requirements:

Introduction Only Searching Service

Involves obtaining details of the client's acquisition criteria, undertaking regular searching of the market and networking with other firms of advisors to locate companies for sale ("Targets") that meet the client's criteria. We organise confidentiality documentation and the provision of further information then hand over to the client to take things further with their own advisors.

Search Service Plus

This is our end-to-end service which includes the above plus, evaluation of information and accounts, consideration of valuations and advice on deal structures, formulating indicative offers, negotiations with vendors' advisors, and compilation of Heads of Agreement, as well as assisting with due diligence. This is a full acquisition service, offering advice from the introduction to the completion of a deal.

Bespoke Searching Service

Intended for clients with a more specific acquisition requirement. After determining the client's acquisition strategy and key criteria, we undertake dedicated sector research to locate companies (including those that are not currently on the market) that are potential Targets. From this, we send approach letters and undertake discreet follow-up enquiries to determine whether they might be receptive to an acquisition approach. We then arrange confidentiality documentation and organise exploratory meetings, etc.

Our Bespoke Searching service tends to run for 3-6 months, and we charge a monthly commitment fee to cover our costs as well as the success fee from one of the other two services, payable on completion of the acquisition.


Both our services, Introduction Only & Search Service Plus are success fee only (we only charge on completion of a deal), Bespoke Searching is a success fee and a monthly commitment fee. The Fees for these services are as follows:

  • The success fee is based on the gross purchase value
  • Our fee for Introduction Only Service is 1.5% of the first £million, and 0.75% of the balance above £1million, payable on completion with a minimum fee of £10,000
  • Our fee for Search Service Plus, is 3% of the first £million, 2% of the second £million and 1% of the balance above £2million, payable on completion with a minimum fee of £10,000
  • The success fee for Bespoke Searching is determined by which service you choose (Introduction Only or Search Service Plus), this is on top of the monthly commitment fee, which typically starts at £1,000

Once a target has been identified, and a deal agreed, we are available, if required, to provide a range of Acquisition Support Services, but understand if clients wish to work with their existing advisors.

If any of our Acquisition Search Services are of interest to you, please don't hesitate to get in Contact today.

We also offer Acquisition Support Services

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