Acquisition Support Services

"Practical support and advice to bring an acquisition to a successful conclusion"

In addition to providing acquisition search services, Andon Frères is able to provide a comprehensive range of acquisition support services to suit requirements. These include:

Business Plans/Funding Proposals
Essential to the acquisition process is the preparation of a detailed strategic business plan, particularly where external funding is required to support the acquisition. Through our consultancy experience, gained over 20 years, we have extensive experience of preparing strategic business plans and funding proposals.

Raising Finance To Support The Acquisition
External funding to support an acquisition may comprise bank loans and overdrafts, asset finance, acquisition/mezzanine finance and equity capital. Andon Frères can advise on the funding structure appropriate to the transaction and organise the raising of finance through its established relationships with banks, asset based lenders and venture capital providers.

Due Diligence
The acquisition of another company is a substantial commitment and the price paid will have been determined based on the quality of its products/services, its performance, profitability and future prospects. Financial and commercial due diligence is a vital part of the acquisition process and Andon Frères is well placed to undertake this work for clients.

Our fee structure for providing acquisition support services is flexible, competitive, agreed in advance of our accepting an appointment and, with exception of due diligence investigations, is largely success related.

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