Business Brokers

“A business broker is key to the success of your buying or selling a company.”

Andon Frères is a well-established and reputable firm of business brokers with over 35 years' experience in the sale & acquisition of SMEs and owner-managed companies. Offering a complete end-to-end company sales service, and an acquisitions service that has various levels of involvement.

What is a Business Broker?

Put simply; a business broker assists with the process of buying or selling a company. Also known as a business transfer agent, a business broker helps to connect buyers with organisation owners wishing to sell their business, managing the entire sales process and transaction from beginning to end to achieve the optimum monetary value for their client.

Why engage with a Business Broker?

Armed with industry knowledge, the broker knows everything about the process of a business sale and removes many of the complexities associated with this type of transaction. Conversing with buyers on a day to day basis, a business broker comes armed with a network of genuine prospects. Acting in confidence and on your behalf, your broker will provide you with an accurate valuation, prepare all the legal paperwork required for a business sale and will handle all buyer negotiations on your behalf.

Why choose Andon Frères?

With over 35 years of experience in buying and selling companies, Andon Frères is a trusted business broker based in Leeds & London and will provide all aspects of the company sale service necessary to help you achieve a highly successful sale.

Our reputable service begins with the consideration of shareholder options, advice on an exit strategy and a realistic company valuation. From here, Andon Frères adopts a pro-active and confidential marketing strategy which includes:

  • Advertising and marketing the sale of the business
  • Providing a valuation of the business
  • Contacting our database of buyers and acquisitive contacts
  • Relevant sector research to find an acquisitive business that would be interested in the company for sale
  • Facilitating buyer enquiries, meetings and discussions
  • Assisting with other aspects of the business sale up to the deal completion.

We offer a competitive success-based fee structure, calculated as a percentage of the sale consideration and agreed in advance of our working with a client, with a fixed marketing fee charged on completion of marketing materials. Read more about our company sales service.

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