Andon Frères can help you maximise value and sell your business fast. With more than 35 years experience, a success-based fee structure, proactive and confidential sale process and extremely high success rate Andon Frères is your partner when it comes time to sell your business.

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Why Choose Andon Frères?

Personal Service

With more than 35 years experience in company sales, acquisitions and consultancy we work closely with clients and provide a personal service with a high level of commitment.

No Ongoing Fees

No signing fees. We only charge for advertising costs, preparing the memorandum and marketing materials, and manage the sale on a success fee basis.

Proactive Sale Process

We undertake extensive sector research and actively seek buyers! No information is shared to prospective buyers without our client's permission.

High Success Rate

We have a proven track record of achieving successful company sales. Our approach and methodology are aimed at achieving maximum sale value for clients.

Selling Your Company

“We manage the sale process from concept to completion with an approach and methodology focused on achieving maximum sale value for clients.”

Selling your company is the most important event of your business life. You will usually only sell your company once, and it is therefore vital that you capitalise on the opportunity.

As experienced Business Brokers, Andon Frères are professional advisors that provide a proactive but confidential divestment service, managing the sale process from concept to completion, with an approach and methodology focussed on achieving maximum sale value for clients. We provide outstanding service to clients and have an exceptional track record of delivering successful company sales.

Our company sales service includes:

  • Consideration of shareholder options and aspirations, tax planning issues etc.
  • Advice on exit strategy and pre-sale planning.
  • Advice on company valuation and we offer a free indicative valuation before signing up.
  • Preparation of marketing materials and an information memorandum describing the company, its financial performance and future prospects.
  • Sector research and approaching relevant companies to find a buyer.
  • Proactive, confidential marketing—we go looking for buyers.
  • Enquiry management, issue of confidentiality documentation.
  • Attending meetings and negotiations with interested parties, consideration of offers, advice on deal structuring, preparation of Heads of Agreement.
  • Liaise with other professional advisors and coordination of the transaction through to successful completion.

Essential to the sale process is the proactive, but confidential, marketing of a company to generate maximum interest.

We achieve this through:

  • Requiring a confidentiality document to be signed, as well as approval from the client before releasing company information.
  • Dedicated sector research and approaches to potential trade purchasers.
  • Our database of acquisitive companies and individuals (our work has enabled us to build up a substantial "captive audience" of potential purchasers).
  • Our extensive network of contacts with accountants, solicitors, corporate finance professionals, business brokers, banks and private equity firms, all acting for acquisitive clients.
  • Listings on our website and various companies-for-sale web portals.
  • Where appropriate, discreet, anonymous advertising in the national press and specialist trade publications.

Our fee structure is competitive, agreed in advance of our accepting an appointment and is success based, calculated as a percentage of the sale consideration, with a marketing fee charged on completion of marketing materials.

If you are thinking of selling your company either now or in the future, contact us now, in confidence and with no obligation.


"We went through many months of complicated negotiations with the buyers to arrive at a satisfactory conclusions.

"Andon Frères experience proved invaluable in knowing when to give ground and when to push for a better deal.

"Your patience and tact were key in getting the result I was looking for."

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding work you have done for us.

"You found buyers and nurtured us through this complex process. You were proactive, thorough, patient and always professional.

"Thanks once again for playing a hugely significant role."

"The decision to put the business on the market was not an easy one, but the decision for Andon Frères was.

"The very proactive marketing you undertook generated immediate interest and many qualified enquiries.

"Your insight into the buyer's way of thinking maintained momentum and ensured we got the deal we wanted.

"Your commitment to the cause was exceptional…"


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Andon Frères will use your information to contact you to discuss your request. We will not use your information for any other purposes. Andon Frères use CognitoForms to collect, store and process your information. You can read CognitoForms Privacy Policy.

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