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The following is a list of technology companies for sale. This is comprised of companies identified through our regular searching of the marketplace, through our links with accountants, business brokers and corporate finance advisors, as well as companies where Andon Frères has a sale mandate from the vendors.

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4193 - Outsourced Hardware Support

Reference: 4193

Location: UK

Turnover: c£1.7m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£250k

The business well-established for over 10 years and provides a range of hardware support for enterprise document imaging systems and other peripheral devices such as multi-functional printers, scanners and storage devices. The company is a successful and profitable business with nationwide coverage, a diverse client base and long-term client relations. Contracted recurring revenues account for c75% of income and contract retention rates are high. Clients include corporates and SMEs as well as significant direct services relationships with OEMs and resellers. Employs a team of highly skilled engineers.

4183 - Telecoms Provider

Reference: 4183

Location: UK

Turnover: c£3.2m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £272k

Operating for about 30 years, the company specialises in providing a comprehensive range of integrated business solutions. Primary service offerings include telephony solutions, broadband and wireless communications. Enviable client base, comprising of many blue-chip organisations, including FTSE100 companies. Offers services throughout the UK, with over 100 active clients, with an 80% retention rate. Reliable partnerships with the premium suppliers in the digital industry, with some partnerships spanning over 10 years. Highly experienced and knowledgeable workforce. Projected turnover for next financial year is c£3.35m with an adjusted EBITDA of c£500k.

4178 - Technology Development Services

Reference: 4178

Location: England

Turnover: c£16m

Profit: Gross Profit c£4.3m

The company offers consultancy, design and integration solutions, using cloud to device capabilities in software, middleware and hardware. Core revenue and organic growth from digital TV and media delivery sectors with new growth and revenue streams from IoT (Internet of Things). Global blue-chip industry leading clients providing repeat business. Highly experienced management team in place with transferable skillset operating in multiple industries and over 120 technical consulting staff based in the UK and internationally. The head office is based in the UK with two international bases. Growth is on target to achieve turnover in excess of £20m by year-end 2020.

4177 - Leading Provider of Innovative Video Marketing Tools

Reference: 4177

Location: UK

Turnover: c£750k

Profit: Gross Profit c£220k

Leading provider of video brochures, video books, video business cards & video POS (point of sale), for use in highly effective marketing campaigns, across a range of industries including, automotive, IT, construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, banking and finance. Provides an innovative marketing tool combining the power of high-resolution video with the precision of direct mail. Maintains market leader status with a global blue-chip client base across a variety of industries. Generates significant level of web traffic, with c2,000 unique visitors to its website every month. Continually innovating new products to ensure clients stay abreast of the market. Projected turnover of c£850k with a gross profit of c£260k.

4171 - Data Centre & Colocation Installation Services

Reference: 4171

Location: UK

Turnover: c£9m

Profit: Gross Profit: c£4m & Adj EBITDA c£2.7m

The company offers a full suite of services from conceptual network and infrastructure design, through to project management, installation of the white space with cabinets, containment, power, cages, cabling and ancillary services. The majority of its installations are within the European data centre market where it is considered to be one of the leading structured cabling companies for data centre and colocation installations. The company’s pan-European client base ranges from small companies through to public sector organisation and large corporates. Financially this company is on a strong growth curve, achieving c88% revenue growth over the last 3 years and with a strong pipeline of future projects.

4170 - IT Equipment Reseller

Reference: 4170

Location: Midlands

Turnover: Undisclosed

Profit: Undisclosed

The company buys and sells a variety of new and used IT equipment, sourcing products from across the UK and Europe. The extensive product range includes servers, network switches and legacy IT parts and specialises in reputable branded products such as Dell and HP. Builds and configures bespoke CTO servers in-house. Generates sales through its existing customer base and other third-party platforms such as eBay. Operates internationally, serving the UK market with huge scope to develop further within Europe and worldwide. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

4169 - CCTV & Telematics Technologies

Reference: 4169

Location: UK

Turnover: c£1.5m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£118k

The business is established in the commercial transportation, CCTV and telematics technologies industry, with leading products, unrivalled expertise and future potential. Access to leading CCTV & telematics technologies and decades of development experience in advanced wireless technologies and commercial CCTV markets. The company has multiple proven case studies and real-world examples of its solutions making a positive impact for its clients. Combination of products, experience and market expertise is unrivalled in the marketplace and the right acquirer would be able to amplify this offering on a larger scale. A significant base of well-known clients; from haulier and coach companies, through to large construction companies, with ongoing requirements and service contracts. Current approvals in over 40 local councils across the UK and in every fire and rescue service authority in England and Wales. Multiple, already identified future opportunities and a clear vision of the potential within the business and the marketplace.

4166 - Computer Systems for Vertical Markets Retail Solutions

Reference: 4166

Location: UK

Turnover: c£1.4m

Profit: Undisclosed

The company provides a comprehensive range of software, expert training and after care services. The extensive software range includes stock management, mobile Point of Sale, Multi-store systems, stocktaking and EPoS. Operates internationally serving retail jewellers, pawnbrokers and wholesale jewellers. Long-standing client relationships spanning up to 23 years. Diverse client base with no single account generating more than 5% of turnover. Second-tier management team able to run the business on a day-to-day basis. Significant potential for growth in extending the product and service offering to include websites and marketing services. Operating from two properties, one is a freehold to be included in the sale, subject to negotiations. Secure pipeline worth c£780k over the next 12 months. Projected turnover for next financial year is c£1.6m.

4164 - Software Integrated Security Solutions

Reference: 4164

Location: UK

Turnover: c£900k

Profit: c£450k

Specialist supplier of standalone and software-integrated security solutions for the retail, commercial and education sectors, with recurring revenues. The business supplies, installs and maintains traditional and cutting-edge integrated loss prevention solutions and asset protection systems for major multi-site organisations. It unique portfolio includes Electrical Article Surveillance (EAS) tagging, CCTV, travelling CCTV, Access Control systems and RFID. The company has a diverse customer base, including the highest-profile multiple-outlet retail chains in homeware, healthcare and fashion and benefits from ongoing maintenance contracts in place with a number of key customers, generating reliable, recurring revenue streams. The business holds exclusive distributor status with the industry's leading manufacturers, giving it ahead-of-the-curve access to the latest R&D and new technologies.

4163 - Analytical Data Solutions

Reference: 4163

Location: UK

Turnover: c£535k

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£170k

The business is an established specialist supplier of intelligent and analytical data solutions for the retail and commercial sectors. Suppliers and installs intelligent and integrated retail systems, designed to analyse data in real-time to improve customer experience. The company's product portfolio includes Automated Audience Measuring, People Counting, Digital Communication, Access Control and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The company has a diverse customer base of prestigious retail chain multiples, including high street names in sports/leisure, clothing, electronics and fashion. The business holds exclusive distributor status with the industry's leading manufacturers and stakeholders; giving it access to the latest research and development and new technologies. There is a experienced and loyal management team in place.

4160 - International Provider of Exclusive ERP Support

Reference: 4160

Location: East Midlands

Turnover: c£1.1m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£520k

Provider of exclusive support & maintenance services to assist clients in managing the efficiency of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Primarily providing services to the manufacturing sector, the company facilitates the streamlining of a client's daily operations by integrating & managing their computer software & systems. Software projects are also developed & tailored to the client's specifications alongside the developing industry 4.0 division which works to ensure clients take advantage of emerging technologies. Develops in-house software that is tailor made to integrate the latest technologies in real-time to manufacturing processes. International blue-chip client base with a 90% customer retention rate over the last five years. Automatically renewed maintenance contracts generate c60% of revenue each year. Services encompass older systems & software maintenance not offered by any competitor. Experienced workforce with a high IT aptitude, has decades of expertise dealing with ERP software & ERP manufacturing processes. Forecast turnover for 2018 is c£1.165m with and adjusted EBITDA of c£547k.

4154 - Workforce Skills Assessment

Reference: 4154

Location: South East / Home Counties

Turnover: c£700k

Profit: AAdj EBITDA c£600k

A solid, highly scalable business that has developed a unique software-based system to provide online, staff assessment and analysis for strategic, customer facing executives. For over 10 years the business has provided solutions that supports the hiring tool, allowing large corporates to highlight certain areas and skills helps the business drive performance and optimise customer interaction and ultimately increase revenue. Over the years the business has created significant Intellectual Property which sits largely in internal systems, processes, content and technology. The software is used as both a training & development and hiring tool, allowing large corporate to highlight certain areas of their workforce that need attention. The software is "sector agnostic" and can be implemented into most businesses with a large workforce. The business has a long standing loyal base of international blue-chip clients and has recently launched a product suitable for smaller businesses.

4147 - Developer of ERP/MRP & CRM Software

Reference: 4147

Location: UK

Turnover: c£2.9m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£1.8m

An award-winning developer of ERP, MRP & CRM software solutions to the manufacturing sector with an exceptional reputation and recognised with over 30 industry awards. The business is consistently profitable with 79% recurring revenues and well-managed through detailed KPIs across the business and provides ERP, MRP & CRM solutions suitable for any type, style, size of manufacturing company. The company has an established and diverse client base of over 200 SMEs generating high levels of recurring revenues and profitability. The company is poised to benefit from future growth with new Cloud SME and Enterprise products in the final stages of development. All Intellectual Property rights for its software are owned by the company. Also delivers a range of complementary services including; software installation; training; implementation consultancy; helpdesk support; and customer account management.

4146 - Expert Quantitative Software and Data Developer

Reference: 4146

Location: UK

Turnover: £835k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £220k

Expert quantitative developer supplying proprietary data & client server application software to the asset management community. The system uses a mathematical algorithm to provide investment managers with comprehensive market risk analysis. The company is based in the UK, although it has a widespread international client base. Developed its own algorithms & bespoke risk system including a fully featured application programme interface (API). Reliable and recurring revenue stream as most sales are in the form of renewals with high level contract renewal rate above c80%. Highly qualified & knowledgeable staff specialise in the development of algorithms & calculations

4145 - IT Integrator Delivering Managed IT Services For Sale

Reference: 4145

Location: Scotland

Turnover: £1.15m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £190k

IT and Audio-visual integrator, specialising in delivering a range of managed IT services. Operates between the public sector & corporate clients, helping customers run their businesses more effectively by removing technical uncertainty, workload and risk. Holds a range of maintenance contracts with prestigious clients such as local councils, government departments and housing association. One of four preferred suppliers on a public framework worth c£24m. Recently secured another managed service contract on an initial three-year basis worth approx. c£2m. 94% of the company income secured via recurring revenue. Implements a unique code of conduct to create trusted contractor & subcontractor relationships that competitors cannot match.

4143 - Specialist Voice, Data & Internet Service Provider

Reference: 4143

Location: UK

Turnover: £1.3m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £203k

Innovative voice, data and internet service provider specialising in the implementation & management of both legacy and Next Generation Networks (NGNs) to UK & international clients. Since inception the company has strategically & continuously invested in its core infrastructure & edge network design, enabling clients to benefit from enhanced reliability, excellent cost savings & efficiencies. Also offers enhanced reliability due to its resilient core network infrastructure across multiple data centres. High margin business model with open-source platform, software and hardware - offers substantial cost-savings on licences with better security and reliability than many leading closed-source platforms. Expansive network infrastructure operating at c5% capacity with immediate scope & opportunity for growth. Impressive blue chip client, with several approved & exclusive supplier statuses. Projected Adj EBITDA for 2018 is £245k.

4141 - Publishing Workflow Management Developer

Reference: 4141

Location: West Midlands

Turnover: £681k

Profit: Undisclosed

Provides add-ons for a highly popular suite of publishing software that streamlines workflow, reduces overheads and facilitates enhanced collaboration. There are over 4,000 companies registered to use the system. The company has a multi-tiered licence model, attractive to a range of users with substantial potential for up-selling. The contracted revenue for the former year accounted for 10% of the turnover. Currently 250 clients utilise the company’s SaaS offering, providing a recurring subscription based revenue as well as receiving approximately c320 new sign-ups per month. Operates from a 930m² leasehold premises.

4139 - IT-based Automation Solutions

Reference: 4139

Location: Midlands

Turnover: £2.1m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £723k

Procures and implements a comprehensive selection of industrial automation and production software solutions. Offers an all-encompassing service that includes consultancy system integration, training and ongoing support. Operates through ongoing and developing with numerous software vendors within the industry, who are achieving multi-billion pound turnovers. A diverse range of 50 active clients based throughout the UK and abroad. Long-standing client relationships dating back to inception. A highly experienced in-house workforce of engineers and a strong second-tier management team, able to fully oversee day-to-day business operations post-sale. The company is also ISO 9001:2015 accredited. Following year outturn of £2.4m, with an adjusted EBITDA of £825k.

4137 - Software Business

Reference: 4137

Location: South East England

Turnover: c£800k

Profit: Undisclosed

The business, located in the South East of England, is a very well positioned software business, which has been operating for 25 years, and has only just been made available for sale due to owner's pending retirement. The business, a specialist software producer, provides software to three main customer groups: Local authorities; Emergency services; and Private companies. The software is licensed to customers on an annual basis, which has a high customer retention rate. Recurring revenues from annual contracts in excess of £600k.

4136 - IT Systems & Support Services

Reference: 4136

Location: UK

Turnover: £2.3m

Profit: Adj EBTIDA £552k

Oversees the design and execution of effective support, security, cloud computing, telephony and connectivity solutions throughout the IT landscape. Maintains ongoing partnerships with numerous industry leading manufacturers, such as Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Veeam and Cisco Meraki, with 76 contracted clients based throughout the UK and an average retention rate of 96%. Long-standing client relationships dating back to inception. Highly experienced team of in-house consultants, who oversee a 24/7 service desk with their average log response time of 30 minutes, and a 2 hour call out period. Key employees able to assume additional duties post-sale. ISO 9001:2008 accredited. 

4134 - Competency Management Software

Reference: 4134

Location: UK

Turnover: £460k

Profit: Undisclosed

A leader in competency management, with a strong portfolio of public sector clients on long-term contracts. The cloud-based software is designed to easily integrate with major enterprise ERP systems. Platforms specifically designed to integrate with enterprise ERP systems (eg. SAP and Oracle) with an agile and adaptable cloud based system that can be deployed rapidly. Well networked with, and recognised by, key influences in the public sector. Staff are leaders in a niche area, especially for higher end/key role staff (clients use in preference to major ERP modules). Growing market need, specifically in the public sector. Would be an ideal bolt-on for a complementary business.

4131 - Manufacturer of Weather & Vandal Resistant Telephones & Handsets

Reference: 4131

Location: North England

Turnover: £832k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £374k

Designs and manufacturers weather and vandal resistant telephones for use in arduous & remote locations such as track-side, prisons, rail platforms, power stations & armed services bases, enabling reliable public access to an emergency communication facility. Additionally manufactures handsets, which are available as a white label product for integration with other manufacturer's products, or for use on board trains for crew and passenger announcements. Also provides services & spares for both handsets & telephones. Widespread customer base providing products in the UK and internationally. Excellent customer services provided, with 100% client retention rate. Recently secured lucrative contract in the rail industry worth £139k with further potential contracts available.

4128 - IT Developer & Cloud-based Managed Wi-Fi

Reference: 4128

Location: South England

Turnover: £607k

Profit: Adj EBITDA £149k

Designs, delivers & manages high-performance Wi-Fi networks, intelligent software apps, portals, services and analytics for the UK's leading high footfall venues & high density accommodation cross retail, hospitality, healthcare, museums, travel & transport, enterprises and consumer networks. With its own scalable cloud based platofrms the company not only delivers enterprise solutions, connecting and authenticating virtually any mobile device or appliance, but also enables customers to craft & deliver location aware, intelligent apps & services for their own customers. The company has a prestigious, high profile client base as well as strong recurring revenue streams through support contracts that most customers are placed on. One of the few quality certified, full life cycle managed service providers with its own cloud Wi-Fi BYOD & Wi-FI engagement platforms. The company has a 21 year history with many years of expertise both from a technological & industry perceptive.

4125 - Website Design & Development

Reference: 4125

Location: Wales

Turnover: £553k

Profit: Undisclosed

Provides comprehensive, bespoke website design involving ticketing integration ecommerce capabilities and content migration. Offers an in-house design and development service. Operational for over 15 years, with 56 active clients based through the UK, with a 96% retention rate. Long-standing relationships with clients for up to 11 years. Strong work pipeline valued at approximately £104k with a continued stream of contracted income through ongoing service level agreements. The company employs a highly experienced team of in-house designers and developers and the current director is willing to remain in an advisory capacity post-sale.

4123 - Software Solutions for Specialist Manufacturing Processes

Reference: 4123

Location: UK

Turnover: £1.8m

Profit: EBITDA £824k

Developer and supplier of world-leading software solutions and services for complex specialist design and manufacturing processes. Scalable business, with multiple identified platforms for growth, including a new at-market manufacturing solution, which is forecast to deliver a revenue step change. The company has a suite of high-value, sector-leading software solutions, which can be integrated with ERP, SCADA, CAD, PLM, planning and maintenance tools. Cloud-ready, mission critical solutions, including industry 4.0 technologies, and proven to deliver product design and manufacturing efficiencies, improved product quality and reduced costs. Secure, diverse client base, which includes five of the top 10 manufacturing companies globally by turnover in the companies chosen industry. Team of specialist software developers, possessing both advanced software engineering skills and deep expert industry sector knowledge, delivering competitive advantage.   

4122 - Provider of Telecoms Infrastructure Works

Reference: 4122

Location: Midlands

Turnover: c£3.2m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£350k

The company provides a fully turnkey infrastructure work for the telecommunications industry. Operating for just under a decade, the company has quickly built impressive strategic relationships with major players in the UK telecommunications sector. Has undertaken works for all the major operators within the broadband sector and is currently a partner with a major contractor and is set to benefit from the large-scale works set to take place on the UK's broadband infrastructure in the coming years. Huge potential for exponential growth due to the significant fibre broadband roll-out schemes due at present and in the near future. Currently operates as a tier two contractor, but retains realistic potential to reach tier one. Projected YE18 turnover of c£7.5m with and adjusted EBITDA of c£650k

4120 - IT Value Added Reseller

Reference: 4120

Location: UK

Turnover: £14m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £1.16m

Holds strong, strategic relationships with key supliers, enabling the company to offer a comprehensive range of tailored solutions. High value multinational client base, including leading online retail and finance companies. Operates from leasehold in South England with USA trading entity and premises. Significant scope for expansion through further developement of current offering and proactive upselling of additional services into existing client base. Highly experienced management team in place, with Director willing to remain psot-sale ad work with the buyer to achieve further growth. Projected turnover of £22m with an adusted EBITDA of £1.9m.

4119 - Cyber Security Systems

Reference: 4119

Location: South UK

Turnover: £1.8m

Profit: Undisclosed

Provider of in-depth cyber security consultancy and solutions with ten years' experience within the industry. Reputable within the industry with aptitude for successfully delivering solutions for complex task within time and budget, demonstrated by 72% client retention rate. Provides services to a multitude of business sectors and government bodies including defence, IT and data, telecoms, utilities, transport, retail and nuclear. Multiple rented premises, one of which is List X approved in a modern office complex facility. Turnover for FY17 Mgmt surpassed £1.8m.

4118 - Personal Identification Solutions

Reference: 4118

Location: UK

Turnover: £1.4m

Profit: £288k

A leading provider of personal identification solutions for businesses and events, including specialist software, ID essentials and managed services. The credentials required to work in critical security markets (e.g. police, government) base on high-quality, reliable ID solutions and services, including a rolling UK government contract. Competitive advantage in the marketplace via ownership of scalable, sector-leading event and business identification software, including online and mobile technologies. The company has a diverse client base including BNFL, UK Power Networks, EDF, P&O, Barclays and KPMG, offering premium cross-selling opportunities. Up to 80% repeat business from highly satisfied clients, including regular, recurring revenues from software maintenance contracts. Clearly defined platforms for growth including expansion software sales and development of export markets.

4110 - Installations, Support Packages & Bespoke Software Solutions

Reference: 4110

Location: UK

Turnover: £1.6m

Profit: Adj EBITDA c£165

Provides IT services and software solutions to businesses, colleges and schools across the UK. Unique software, which has been developed in-house. Strong client base, with no significant customer reliance as well as a 95% client retention rate. Experienced second-tier management team with the knowledge and skills to run the business on a day-to-day basis. The company has been a Microsoft gold partner since 2009. This is a fully relocatable opportunity. Following year projections are £1.7m with an adjusted EBITDA of £185k.

4109 - Business Telecoms & IT Connectivity to the SME Marketplace

Reference: 4109

Location: Midlands

Turnover: c£1.4m

Profit: Adj EBITDA £355k

Reseller of business VOIP & IT connectivity products to the SME marketplace. Operating via proprietary & licensed software platforms, the company provides SME clients with enterprise level networking solutions. Utilises reactive software platforms from UK development partners to maintain high-margins & drastically undercut the competition. Initial connectivity service inroads provide reliable cross-sale opportunities for the company's broad product portfolio, including proprietary, trademarked hardware and software products for security and IP connectivity. Developed business generation from affiliate with leads constantly received from both smaller IT companies & major IT infrastructure providers enabling upgrades to be delivered to both new & existing customers Secure SME client base, offering self-financing installation in return for industry leading long-term contractual commitments (on average, 60 months). Preferred supplier status held with the majority of customers, maintaining c80% repeat business. Established franchises maintained across 4 UK regions.

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