• The Sale of Lycos, Ltd.

    "We went through many months of complicated negotiations with the buyers to arrive at a satisfactory conclusions. Andon Freres experience proved invaluable in knowing when to give ground and when to push for a better deal. Your patience and tact were key in getting the result I was looking for".

    Chris Jones
    Lycos, Ltd
  • Acquisition Search and Consultancy for Fischer D’Alton Ltd.

    "I would like to express my thanks and the appreciation of my team for your support and active help in our acquisition of Mecon Holdings Ltd", "You have unwaveringly provided solid advice helping us to take the tough decisions where needed and walk away from deals where we were indecisive".

    Nigel Cowdery
    Fischer D'Alton Ltd
  • The Sale of Cheshire Refrigeration Ltd.

    "We would both like to thank you and your team for doing a fantastic job selling our business. The process is very daunting and stressful when you are negotiating with potential buyers and potential new bosses!"

    Peter & Bob
    Cheshire Refrigeration Ltd
  • Company Sale, Acquisitions and Consultancy for PPS Grasmere Ltd.

    “Provided ongoing support in a non-executive, mentoring role”, “Advised on the sale of the Company”, “Advising on the re-purchase of the Company”, “Advised on the acquisition of a number of companies, including what is now PPS Grasmere Ltd”, “Advice has been invaluable to me personally and professionally”.

    Howard Dean
    PPS-Grasmere Ltd
  • The Sale of Bishop Consultancy (UK) Ltd.

    "Just wanted to thank-you for your help and advice while selling my business. Selling a business is not something I do every day and I needed a great deal of support and sometimes encouragement. You were right behind me the whole way".

    Kevin Bishop
    Bishop Consultancy (UK) Ltd
  • The Sale of Oil Consultants Ltd.

    "I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding work you have done for us" "you took the time at no cost to us, to explain where we were going wrong and what we needed to do if we were to have any chance of selling the company"; "You found buyers for us and nurtured us through this complex process"; "You were proactive, thorough, patient and always professional"; "Thanks once again for playing a hugely significant role".

    Mark Cooper
    Oil Consultants Ltd
  • The Sale of iStrat Ltd.

    "I don’t write fan mail unless I believe it to be true"; "I liked Andon Frères approach to charging and was comfortable from the start of the process that this would work well."; "At all times during the process, Andon Frères was available to advise based on his extensive experience, and was keen to ensure the sale was right for us, not simply to close a deal".

    Ian Evetts
    iStrat Ltd
  • The Sale of Athernet Solutions Ltd.

    "Looking back on the company sale process, I can't imagine having gone through it without the expert knowledge, experience and advice that you provided at every stage."; "I found your friendly yet professional style absolutely invaluable."; "your complete management of the process allowed me to continue to run the business"; "Having you on the team was hugely beneficial".

    Daniel Aetherton
    Athernet Solutions Ltd
  • The Sale of E Data Group Ltd.

    "The decision to put the business on the market was not an easy one to take, but the decision to put it on with Andon Frères was."; "The very proactive marketing you undertook generated immediate interest and many qualified enquiries."; " your insight into the buyer's way of thinking maintained momentum and ensured that we got the deal we wanted." " your commitment to the cause was exceptional".

    Joe Yusuf
    E Data Group Ltd
  • The Sale of Nidd Valley Medical Ltd.

    "We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for all your help in selling our business"; "From the first meeting, we were impressed by your professional and calm approach, guiding us through the numerous meetings with prospective buyers"; "always being available to offer reliable advice, maintaining total confidentiality at all times." "We know you enjoy your work and that you will continue to produce this level of success with all your future clients".

    Keith and Linda Tippey
    Nidd Valley Medical Ltd

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